What is a frenectomy, and how is it performed for children and adults?

Frenectomy is a specialized procedure for lip-tie or tongue-tie removal in both children and adults. At Aztec Family Dental in Aztec, New Mexico, Dr. James Durfey and his team provide this service for those diagnosed with a tongue-tie or lip-tie during childhood or adulthood.

What is tongue-tie and lip-tie?

Tongue-tie is an oral anomaly that can reduce the mobility of the tip of the tongue. This occurs when the lingual frenulum, the tissue that links the tongue’s underside to the mouth’s floor, is either too short or too thick. Lip-tie is when the frenulum connects the lips to the gums and can cause similar concerns. When this short frenulum is in place during childhood, it can be highly bothersome in terms of allowing an infant to suck properly or a toddler to speak clearly. If the condition is caught early, tongue-tie removal is often done when an individual is younger.

What about tongue-tie and lip-tie treatment for adults?

If the condition was not spotted in the early years, adults might also consider having a frenectomy, which removes the tongue-tie or lip-tie by cutting the frenulum. Performing a laser frenectomy is the fastest, most comfortable way to address tongue-tie and lip-tie in both children and adults. It causes less bleeding and faster healing and recovery when performed by our experienced dental team at Aztec Family Dental.

Are there any potential risks or complications with a frenectomy procedure?

Like other procedures, frenectomies have some risks and potential complications, though rare. Under-correction or over-correction of the frenulum can have certain implications, especially if there is damage to the salivary glands. Having a trained and skilled professional perform laser frenectomy is highly advised.

Request time to learn more about the frenectomy procedure from our team at Aztec Family Dental

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