Why might I need Teeth Extractions with my dentist?

Tooth extraction is sometimes necessary, even though our natural, adult teeth are intended to last a lifetime. Many unexpected situations can happen over the years, and thanks to the team at Aztec Family Dental in Aztec, New Mexico, we can assist with your situation by providing manual removal of damaged teeth.

What type of teeth extractions might I need?

Several situations can arise in which a tooth may need to be manually removed by a dentist. Some types of extractions include:

  • Wisdom tooth removal – The wisdom teeth, or third molars, are notorious for becoming problematic for many patients due to their late eruption. They can become impacted or even too far in the back of the mouth to brush and floss properly. Our team may suggest wisdom tooth removal, which may be removed with a simple or surgical extraction.
  • Surgical tooth extraction – Surgical tooth extraction is more invasive than simple tooth extraction as it requires cutting into the gum line to access a tooth that has not yet erupted or has become impacted. Surgical tooth removal requires a longer recovery time but may be necessary in certain situations.
  • Infected tooth extraction – If a tooth is infected and cannot be saved by root canal therapy, it may require removal. Poor oral health can result in infected teeth, which is why it is crucial to maintain routine care and give daily attention to the teeth and gums to prevent future dental issues.
  • Emergency tooth removal – Teeth that cannot be saved will need to be removed, especially if they require removal on an emergency basis. We offer same-day extractions for patients needing them and can talk to them about replacement options.

Learn more about teeth extraction services at Aztec Family Dental!

If you are located in the community of Aztec, New Mexico, or the surrounding cities of Flora Vista, Bloomfield, Farmington, or Gallup and need dental extractions, we invite you to call the team at Aztec Family Dental to request an appointment with Dr. James Durfey; our office is at 503 S. Main Avenue. Call (505) 390-1117 to schedule a time to speak to our team and find out which extraction services are appropriate for your dental needs.