Cosmetic Dentistry solutions for an incredible smile!

Cosmetic dentistry, also known to some patients as aesthetic dentistry, is a specific focus in dental care that has a primary goal of improving the appearance of the smile. Imperfections such as chipped, stained, or missing teeth can impact an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. With cosmetic dentistry, our team at Aztec Family Dental in Aztec, New Mexico, can improve the appearance of your smile to help you look and feel your absolute best each time you laugh, smile, and socialize with others!

What cosmetic dentistry solutions are available at Aztec Family Dental?

Dr. James Durfey and his team provide a wide selection of aesthetic dentistry options for patients to consider, including:

  • Teeth contouring – Using composite resin bonding or gum contouring, our team can reshape the natural tooth to help one or more teeth in the smile blend in with the existing teeth.
  • Professional teeth whitening – Using our in-office or take-home whitening solutions, you can brighten your smile. We use professional-strength bleaching gels that provide noticeable, dramatic results.
  • Cosmetic dental bonding – Composite resin bonding is also used in shaping teeth and disguising imperfections such as permanent staining, gaps between teeth, or chipped teeth.
  • Dental crowns – Covering a tooth with certain imperfections can be achieved using dental crowns or porcelain “caps.” These are custom-made for the patient to guarantee proper shape, color, and size for discreet restoration.
  • Dental bridges – Missing teeth might be replaced using dental bridges, which include dental crowns fused to false teeth to create a single restoration that is bonded onto the adjacent teeth for support.
  • Porcelain veneers – With veneers, patients can cover problem areas in the front of the smile using these thin, customized facings. These are bonded over teeth to cover imperfect areas, ensuring a more attractive smile in just two visits!

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