Why our patients love our Composite Dental Fillings for cavities

Tooth decay is a serious issue that requires patients to be mindful of how they address it. Cavities can become deeper and larger once they develop, causing a host of problems for the patient. In addition to becoming painful and sensitive, cavities can leave areas behind where bacteria can enter and begin the first stages of infection. To address tooth decay, our team at Aztec Family Dental in Aztec, New Mexico, may recommend tooth-colored fillings, or “white fillings,” for our patients.

Why tooth-colored fillings?

In the past, and even in some dental offices today, restoring teeth affected by tooth decay was often resolved using a material known as silver amalgam. Silver amalgam uses up to 50% mercury, a toxin to the human body. When placed, it can become heated through chewing, allowing toxins to enter the body and cause mercury toxicity. To avoid this, we now focus on the use of tooth-colored fillings, which instead use a composite resin material to achieve the desired results.

What are the advantages of tooth-colored composite fillings?

Because these fillings use a composite resin material to seal the area of decay, patients can rest easy knowing their cavities will not become larger. This stops the decay and seals the tooth, ensuring no bacteria can enter and create an infection. Silver amalgam fillings can expand and contract, which leaves the tooth susceptible to future problems. Additionally, silver amalgam fillings are not aesthetic, making tooth-colored filling beneficial for a more aesthetic look.

Enhance your smile with composite fillings for cavities!

If you have old silver amalgam fillings and want to replace them with a more aesthetic option, or if you have been told you have a cavity and want to fill it with a tooth-colored solution, Dr. James Durfey and his team at Aztec Family Dental in Aztec, NM can help. He invites patients in and around the area to call the office to schedule an initial evaluation and consultation visit, during which this and other solutions can be discussed. The office is located at 503 South Main Avenue and can be reached by telephone at (505) 390-1117.