Full, partial, and implant-retained Dentures

Dentures are one of several solutions available at Aztec Family Dental in Aztec, New Mexico, to replace one or several missing teeth within the smile. Dr. James Durfey and his team can evaluate patients to decide if they are a good fit for removable, complete, or implant-retained dentures available at the office.

What types of dentures are available at Aztec Family Dental?

Patients considering ways to replace missing teeth with false teeth may want to ask about the affordable options available at our office. Below are a few of our denture varieties that are used to achieve a brand-new smile that functions as it did before tooth loss:

  • Removable partial dentures. Removable partial dentures are created using a metal framework and use false teeth that slide in place when the partial denture is put into the mouth. Removable partial dentures are affordable and easy to care for. They can also be adjusted when needed.
  • Full or complete dentures. These dentures include acrylic gums and teeth to replace all the teeth in the dental arch. They are held in place with denture adhesive or even natural suction to allow patients to enjoy all their favorite foods.
  • Implant-retained dentures. If you seek the most effective and stable types of dentures to replace all the teeth in the mouth, Dr. Durfey may suggest implant-retained dentures, which use anywhere from four to six implants along the arch to keep more conservative complete dentures in place.

Which type of denture is right for my smile?

During a consultation appointment with Dr. Durfey, you can talk to him about your desires and determine which variety of dentures best suits your unique dental needs. We may also ask about your dental insurance to see if you have any benefits that can reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs.

How do I learn more about affordable dentures near me in Aztec, New Mexico?

Call Dr. James Durfey of Aztec Family Dental to discuss your needs and find out which type of denture is best for you–and your budget! Call (505) 390-1117 to request a visit at 503 South Main Avenue. We serve patients along the border of Colorado, as well as those in the cities of New Mexico, including Flora Vista, Bloomfield, Farmington, and Gallup.