Why Digital Dental X-Rays are better than traditional radiography

At Aztec Family Dental, our team is pleased to offer the latest in advanced digital radiography. We provide digital dental x-rays that can reduce radiation exposure for patients while providing Dr. James Durfey and his team the ability to diagnose certain dental conditions or plan upcoming procedures effectively.

How does digital radiography help?

Dental x-rays are extremely helpful to our dental team–and the patient. They allow Dr. Durfey and his team to see things that cannot be physically seen on the teeth and gums. This may include issues such as cancerous tumors, noncancerous tumors, cysts, decay, and even the location of other teeth that haven’t erupted through the gumline yet.

When using digital dental x-rays to diagnose these issues, we can save you money in the long run from unnecessary surgeries or treatments. We often find that by taking radiographs of the smile, we spot issues in their earliest stages. In situations where cancerous tumors have grown, these x-rays can essentially be life-saving in diagnosing and treating cancer.

What are the benefits of digital radiography?

The benefits of digital dental x-rays allow our team to provide you, the patient, with many advantages. Digital dental x-rays are advantageous over traditional radiography because they:

  • Reduces exposure to radiation
  • Enhances the ability to refine the quality of the images
  • Allows for instant viewing on our computer monitors
  • Are environmentally friendly, eliminating the need for toxic chemicals to develop film
  • Allow for easy storage of images and documentation for the patient’s file

Call Dr. James Durfey and his team to learn more about dental digital radiography for oral diagnosis!

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